First President, Chief Ed Bateman

In 1947, a small group of police officers from Newtown Borough, Yardley Borough, Bristol Borough, Morrisville Borough, Upper Southampton Township, Doylestown Borough, Quakertown Borough, Perkasie Borough, and an officer from the Bridge Police formed Bucks County Lodge No. PA-53. The Chief of Police from Newtown Borough, Edward Bateman, was sworn in as the first President of the Lodge in November of 1947.

Lodge Home – Then and Now



The first Lodge Home for PA-53 was established on property leased from Bristol Borough and soon after was purchased and titled as the FOP Yacht Club. It was actively used by the membership of the Lodge and was equipped with boat launching facilities and numerous slips for docking and refueling.

The Lodge home was moved to it’s present location and the yacht club property was sold in approximately 1981. The charter of the Lodge is housed at the current home in Wycombe (Wrightstown Township, Bucks County) where the meetings of the Lodge and other functions are conducted monthly.  In 1981, the Lodge boasted a membership of approximately 400 active members and an associate membership of about 500 persons. In 2000, the membership had grown to in excess of 1,000 active members and unfortunately the associate ranks have dropped to about 350 members. We see an increase in membership every month and the ranks are growing along with the population of our historically significant County of Bucks.  The Bucks County Lodge has always maintained the aim to bond together every police officer of Bucks County in fraternity and friendship, to defend themselves and their interests when attacked, and gain all the rights to which they are entitled to as members of a highly respected profession.

Today, the Lodge provides many services to it’s members and is highly respected as a leader in labor related issues for law enforcement throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The membership has banded together and now provides hands on labor assistance to the active membership of the Lodge through it’s local Lodge Labor Program. Something that was deemed impossible, less than a decade ago. Please contact a Board Member for information on the types of memberships and eligibility requirements.

The Lodge meets regularly on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Lodge home except for dinners held to pay honor to our valued members. In January, we hold our installation and pistol competition awards; in April, our annual retirees recognition; in September, our annual special awards recognitions; and in December, our family holiday dinner celebration.

Our local Lodge Auxiliary meets at the same time and locations as the parent Lodge. The membership is open to the immediate family members of the active membership. Please contact one of our Board members for additional information on any form of membership.

Any member of the Lodge, regardless of membership type, is also entitled to membership in the Police and Fire Federal Credit Union. Just be sure to mention that you are a member of the Bucks County FOP Lodge PA-53 and provide your membership information to them.

First, the five cornered Star, the same that is found in our National Emblem, and tends to remind us of the allegiance we owe to our Flag.

Midway between the points and center of the Star is a blue field, the points are gold, which indicates the position under which we are now serving; the background is white, white being the Virgin or unstained color, represents purity; among our many efforts, one is to allow nothing of a corrupt nature to be injected into our Order; therefore Blue, Gold and White are our colors. In the three uppermost Blue fields are letters F.O.P., which is the monogram of our Order, the FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE. In the Blue field in the lower left hand corner is the open eye, the eye of vigilance, the ever watchful eye, which notes the danger, and offers protection to the public, asleep or awake. In the Blue field in the lower right hand corner is the hand­clasp, which denotes Friendship.

The circle surrounding the Star midway, indicates, our never ending, or never tiring efforts to promote the welfare and advancement of this order, and within its bounds we are all a one great and powerful unit. In a half circle over the centerpiece is our Motto, written in Latin, Jus Fides Libertatum, Jus meaning Justice. Fides meaning Friendship. Libertatum means Equality. In the center of the Star is the seal of Fort Pitt. This tends to remind us of where the first efforts were put forth to establish this highly necessitated FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE.

The above information was copied from a Grand Lodge Convention Directory F.O.P. Diamond Anniversary publication.